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"But I let my heart go, It’s somewhere down at the bottom. But I’ll get a new one and come back for the hope that you’ve stolen.
I’ll stop the whole world, I’ll stop the whole world, from turning into a monster and eating us alive."
— “Monster”, Paramore. (via hayley-williams-is-sexy)

(Source: taylor-yorke)

"To anyone that ever told you that you’re no good… they’re no better."
— Hayley Williams
heimelody-deactivated20111221-d: i love your blogs :) rock on paramore!

thanks :)

"When we think we know people inside out and we think we know what’s best for them we should try to remember we don’t even know what’s best for ourselves."
— Hayley Williams
"If you’re gonna put your faith in something, then it better shape who you are and what people see in you."
— Hayley Williams
paramorewillbelegends: Your tublr is sooooo awesome! I love reading those quotes! Really great idea to creat such a tumblr : )) ♥

Thank you! :)

"Find time to realize that God is everywhere with you and it’s not just about fitting him into 15 minutes a day. You can find him all day, whether you’re in class, whether it’s starbucks. it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, serve Him."
— Hayley Williams
"What motivates me is seeing people in the crowd and wondering what they’re going home to and what they’re dealing with, and knowing that for the time being we’re their escape."
— Hayley Williams
"I feel really lucky to come home to a place that is so beautiful. Sometimes it’s sad to leave and go out on the road, missing everything that happens here - but honestly, it’s nice to miss the things that you love once in a while. So you never forget to appreciate it. Hopefully, i can say this without sounding like a preacher but… remember to enjoy everything. The things that feel good, the things that hurt, rejection, acceptance.. it’s all going to make you better. Stronger. And more like yourself. Every once in a while I get a reminder of how much I’m okay with just being me."
— Hayley Williams
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